Ecosa Mattress Review – Read Before Buying Australian Made Mattresses

Today am here with the Ecosa Mattress Review which you must read before buying the Ecosa Mattress. In this post I’m gonna give you a brief overview as well as an idea of who we think will love this mattress. Ecosa single mattress, Ecosa pillow review will be share with you all in another post as well.

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The Australian made bed was launched in the United States in 2017. This Australian made mattress is one of the few out there that offers not one and not two but three different firmness options in one bed.

The best Australian made mattress “Ecosa Mattress Review”

All you have to do is swap around the layers and you can change the experience of it it’s pretty cool keep in mind though that for this review we’re gonna be focusing on the medium setting and the the construction of the bed.

Let’s Review Construction Of Ecosas Mattress.

  1. Ecosa mattress cover is made from a soft polyester fabric. It feels really smooth and as an added bonus it completely zips off .

2. You can wash it in a washing machine.

3. underneath the first cover there’s a second called a waterproof German tech protector; that helps keep the foam safe from moisture and dust mites.

4. This mattress is 25 centimeters tall or about 10 inches and contains three layers of specially designed.

Ecosa Mattress Review on the basis of these specially designed layers.

Here I’m going to talk about these layers going from top to bottom. In the medium configuration underneath the two covers there is a one and a half inch layer of the company’s proprietary g7 memory foam, it contours to your shape to relieve pressure points without letting you sink too deeply into the bed. The blue layer has gel particles suspended throughout the foam to help keep temperature stabilized. The same structure you will find in ecosa single mattress as well, whereas in case of ecosa pillow, I will share the ecosa pillow review seprately.

Before Buying Australian Made Mattresses Read Ecosa Mattress Review to understand the importance of layers in mattresses.

Next there’s a layer of one and a half inches eco text, which was designed to have similar effects and resiliency of latex, but with slightly more durability. This layer softly cradles your body but responds quickly, so you don’t feel stuck. This layer is white and finally a layer of breathable support foam that’s high density and cut to have grooves in it ( kind of like a chocolate bar). This allows for air to travel and a more ergonomic spine alignment experience. Another layer is colored yellow; if you want the firmer or firm setting you just switch the layers; either flip the white layer to the top for medium firm or move the yellow support layer to the top for firm, it is super easy you can do it yourself. The foams in this mattress are both 30 per us certified and Ecotec standard 100.

Review on Testing Parameters of Ecosa Mattress.

Ecosa Mattress has been tested and meets rigorous worldwide safety standards to be consumer ready.

So now we’ve talked about what’s in the Ecosa Mattress ? Let’s review Ecosa Mattress about how it feels.

We’d rate the companies medium configuration at about 7 out of 10 with 10 being the firmest, it’s definitely on the firmer side of medium but, if you’d like an even firmer mattress the other settings rate at an 8 and 9 respectively.

This is definitely a firmer than medium bed that places a lot of emphasis on back support, while still providing comfort foams to relieve your pressure keep in mind also that sometimes foam beds can get a little bit softer over time remember to keep in mind that firmness is subjective; a lot depends on your body shape and size.

Responsiveness in the medium configuration the memory foam is on top and that is a little bit slower to respond to pressure; it takes a couple of seconds to regain its shape.

If I push harder; I find that the foams are a lot more responsive; so check it out I can feel the bottom layers popping right back up well the top still takes a second .I expect this bed to have the slow sink we associate with memory foam that conforms exactly to your shape and relieves pressure it’s definitely more of a gentle cradle but because of the memory materials, I don’t expect it to have a lot of bounce even so you shouldn’t have a whole lot of trouble repositioning on this bed.

One of the great things about this Ecosa Mattress is you can switch around the layers to find out what works best for you.

This all foam mattress has a manufacturer weight limit of eight hundred and eighty pounds or 440 per site that makes this mattress suitable for folks with higher weight considerations the company recommends the medium for folks up to 195 pounds and the medium firm and firm for folks over that weight.

Ecosa Mattress Review on the basis of other feature.

Now we’ll discuss some items that are more preference.


The company has incorporated a few cooling features to help make sure you don’t overheat on this mattress, there’s gel in the memory foam that helps keep heat away from the surface and the grooves in the memory foam help air to flow freely.

edge support

Edge support bed in a box brands that roll up into smaller containers; don’t typically excel in this category and this bed is pretty average around the edges there is some compression when you sit.

But overall you should feel secure sleeping on the side normally.

I wrap up this Ecosa Mattress Review; I want to go over a few points to help you decide whether or not this bed is a good fit for you.

First of all this bed is compressed into a box and shipped to your home you can try it for 100 nights and if you’re not in love with it just contact the company they’ll arrange to have it picked up and your money refunded.

If you do decide to keep it; it comes with a 15 year warranty.

People who want a firm mattress with different feels there are three different furnaces and fields in this mattress; so if you’re not sure what’s for you you can try all three out to see what works best. If your body or sleep meets change over time this mattress can change with you.

We also think it’s great for people who want motion isolation. Ecosa Mattress performs really well with motion isolation.

Finally; this brand pulls out a lot of stops to prevent allergens from building up in their mattress using two different covers to keep bacteria breeding moisture and dust mites at bay.

After seeing all the parameters in this Ecosa Mattress Review; you will definitely agree Ecosa Mattress is the best among the Australian Made Mattresses.

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