How to cash checks at Walmart USA Full detail on cost, hours & bad check

Hi! in today’s post we will discuss and share about the very important topic. And the topic is How to cash checks at Walmart USA ? Full detail on cost, hours & bad check and other questions like can you cash personal checks at Walmart will be answered in today’s post.

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How to cash a check at Walmart USA store near your location?

It’s hardly matter how you feel about Walmart store in USA. Most of the people love to visit the Walmart store located to close vicinity. You might have observed people keep on searching in a google like, Walmart store near Me at Texas in USA. This is because of the facilities and convenience offered by near by Walmart stores. If you ask me “can you cash personal checks at Walmart” my answer will be “Yes” you can do it easily. You can easily encash checks at Walmart store.

For your emergency need, when you don’t have cash in your pocket but need for some urgent work like buying Groceries from near by store etc, you can visit Walmart store located near by you, cash a check at Walmart store.

Frequently Asked Questions for cash checks at Walmart.

Q.1 What are the documents one should carry or what do you need to cash check at Walmart store?

If you want to avail the facility of cash checks at Walmart you should carry following documents which are mandatory.

a) Photo Identity Card ( Issued by the Government ).

b) You need to show proof of your social security number.

c) And off course the checks which you want to encash.

In some cases if you have some official identification documents like, passport or military identity card, for example if you are serving or served in US army you can carry your Identity card.

Q. 2 How much does it cost to cash checks at Walmart? 

Lot of factors are involved in this to calculate how much it cost to cash checks at Walmart. The cost factor depends on type of bank, credit union and locations. But in this post we will not go so deep. In general on an average it will cost you from 3 US $ to 5 US $ for en-cashing a check at your near by Walmart store. Plus you need to pay fee if there is, for cashing the checks and associated with the checking account.

Q. 3 Where do you cash checks at Walmart and what time will be good to visit?

Cash checks at Walmart hours depends on following parameters
1. Opening and closing hours of the Walmart store in your location or the store you are visitng.
2. Always find out the traffic flow ( Means the rush hours in store)

  Best Cash checks at Walmart hours in USA

As Walmart store open at 9:00 am and close by 9:00 pm, Thus you can visit in between these hours. Please do remember third parties checks are not entertained at Walmart store.

You are still trying to find where do you cash checks at Walmart ?

Follow these steps.

  1. Visit the any one of the Walmart store in USA near to you.
  2. Check in the store.
  3. Straight away move to customer service desk or approach any one wearing the red jacket with Happy to help logo on it.
  4. Ask them where is a desk for check cash. Please note every store have one or more location in store where they process the checks.
  5. Please do remember they en-cash up to 1000 Us $.

Q 4. What will they ask when you request them process the check.

As in above post, we have mentioned the important documents required to full fill the process of cash checks at Walmart. Apart from that Walmart store team can request you for the additional information, which you should be handy with.

a) They may ask you in which state your bank is located?

b) Any identification proof

c) Your driving licence number.

d) May ask for employment status.

e) How much you want in cash?

Now the last question that we want you even not to think about it.

Q.5 How to cash a bad check at Walmart ?

The answer is No! A big No!, you should even not think about it! Basically its a economic offence and punishable as per the country law. It is considered to be criminal act. Trying to take money against bad check which wont be cleared is considered to be a criminal offence.

I hope the above post “How to cash checks at Walmart USA Full detail on cost, hours & bad check” have helped you to clear all your doubt and query regarding the subject. Please do comment and let us know how useful you find this post.

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