How to start a dropshipping business

How to start a dropshipping business? Want to know what is drop shipping? Read the full article.

What is drop shipping?

First of all, what is the actual drop shipping that needs to be clarified . We briefly hinted at the intro, but due to unfamiliar reading, this is accompanied by drop shipping.

Obviously, the online store needs to be up and running. But in the end, with that first very important sale, drop shipping loses all the stress of fulfilling an e-commerce business order. This means you don’t have to buy the product, put it in stock, and send it to your customers. Someone else will handle all the hard work for you.

Instead of processing the product order, the customer’s request is sent to a third party (that is, the supplier). After that, it will be shipped directly to the customer.

In other words, you don’t even have to touch the product, you only pay for what you sell. With drop shipping, you don’t incur the huge upfront costs normally associated with buying and storing large amounts of inventory for sale. Sometimes your products will come from famous places like Alibaba , and sometimes they will come from places a little closer to home.

Right Choice Dropshipping Supplier Not only does it provide the right kind of quality for its customers, it is also the key to ensuring that the right product is selected. In addition, choosing a good dropshipping supplier also means that you don’t have to worry about angry customers complaining that they aren’t receiving their products quickly enough. You can be confident that you can choose a supplier that can provide you with fast shipping times.

How to start drop shipping Shopify?

The drop shipping business model is Shopify. It helps the app Shopify App Store connect with merchants who can process orders on your behalf. There are other e-commerce website builders that can build an online store and start drop shipping. However, for most people, Shopify is the easiest.

Step 1. Create a Shopify account

If you haven’t already done so , set up your account with Shopify . do not be afraid. This is very easy. Go to their website and click the “Get Started” button.

💡 Best Tip: When doing this, keep the name of your online store in mind. This is because they are XNUMX one of the first requests.

Shopify Next, ask the following questions:

  • Whether the product is already on sale
  • Your address
  • Other basic information

When complete, you will be automatically redirected to the store backend. Here you need to offer Shopify where you can explore a variety of free and premium themes . Before you start selling your drop shipping products , it is advisable to take the time to actually edit the website and make it special.

With the right themes and easy-to-navigate homepages, it’s easier to get the attention of your target audience and build a more successful company overall. In addition, you can build your website a proper e-commerce platform , a credible brand personality for your company, which will keep your customers coming back for more.

Remember, you can use either Shopify theme built into the free and premium options of the backend, or you can pay the experts to make you the best Shopify Zero Designed from.

Step 2. Add product

Now you can do some of the Shopify stores that are on your backend, such as:

  • Select a store theme (also known as a design template)
  • Set the web domain name
  • Add a product

Here are just a few examples.

Our advice? Once you have it , start adding products to your Shopify account, store. This makes designing an online shop much easier. In other words, the product already exists because you don’t have to imagine what the online shop will look like in the product.

So how do you procure and add products to your store?

The easiest solution is to use one of the many Shopify dropshipping apps, which we’ll discuss in more detail later in this article. But for now, let’s assume you’re already uploading a product for sale at a Shopify store .

After editing the title, product description, and photo, you need to assign the product tag to the product. These “tags” are essential to organizing your product catalog. For example, if you sell pet products, you can use one of the following examples as a “tag.” Grooming products, pet food, dog beds, etc.

There are several ways to add a product tag. First, you can tag individual products. Alternatively, you can add tags to items in your product list at once. To do this, select the product you want to tag, select the Action drop-down menu, and then select Add Tag.

Once you’ve added the tags you need for your product, you can move on to creating your product collection. These are best described as “product groups” that make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for. For example:

  • Sale items
  • Product size
  • Product color

Get your idea.

To create a product collection, select Products in the left navigation menu. Then select Create Collection to automatically go to a page where you can create a name and description for your product group.

You can configure the following XNUMX type collections:
  1. manual
  2. Automatically

Manual collections only include products explicitly selected by the user (or staff). As you can imagine, maintaining this type of collection requires more time and energy. Therefore, they are usually suitable for smaller product catalogs.

Automated collection works by you (or your team) by setting various conditions that automatically match the product to the appropriate “product collection”.

For example, if you are hosting a 50% off sale, you can set up an automatic collection to include all products tagged with “sale”. It ’s simple, is n’t it?


In drop shipping, success depends on the sale of the item, and the item is shipped directly to the customer from the manufacturer or wholesaler. Your profit depends on the difference between the wholesale price and the retail price (why you sell it). You can start your business in a variety of ways (stores, catalogs, websites), but this article will focus on eBay online auction activities. Create a seller account on eBay.


Find a company (also known as a supplier) that will be your drop shipper. Choosing a supplier in the same country as your potential customers can simplify the shipping process. Use directories or other drop shipping tools such as World Wide Brands, Doba, SimpleSource to work to find a legitimate supplier.

  • Watch out for scammers disguised as suppliers. But in reality, it’s just an intermediary. They take their share of the profits that will reduce your income. Therefore, if the importer has to pay a regular fee to use the service, treat it as if the bright red flag is raised

Decide what you want to sell. This is important to ensure that the products you sell are in sufficient demand (and not very competitive). One way to find out is:

  • Go to eBay
  • Click “Advanced Search”
  • Enter the name of the product (for example, Art Deco lamp)
  • Sort by “first highest price”
  • Select “Completed List Only”
  • Click “Search”
  • Focus on best-selling products

Show your account that you are a drop shipper seller. Send an email, phone, or email asking how to become a retailer of his products and whether he can ship directly to your customers. You also need to ask if the vendor includes a customer return coupon (including the store name and address) in the shipping documents so that you can assume that the customer sent the item.

  • Don’t be surprised if a vendor seeking a retail opportunity asks for a taxer number. Many people need this information if they want to buy the product at a wholesale price.
Amazon Dropshipping

In this Amazon Dropshipping, you’ll learn:

  • A quick review of what drop shipping is
  • Some popular Amazon dropshipping Q & A
  • How to start drop shipping on Amazon
  • Benefits of drop shipping on Amazon
  • How to sell on Amazon in 8 steps
  • Bonus Strategy for Success on Amazon
  • Some useful Amazon drop shipping tools

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